QISS is a software platform delivering best practice tools for process management.

The QISS Process Management Platform began life 15 years ago as a software tool designed to provide QIA customers with a framework for ensuring ISO 9001 compliance and designed to comply with specific key clauses of ISO 9001.

The QISS Process Management Platform is a fully integrated suite made up of 20 very specific and powerful individual Functional Tools. These Functional Tools are then grouped into 8 broader, Process Management Tools.

At QIA we believe that the only “Solution” for any business problem in any industry is a combination of Tools, Processes, and Consistency. We don’t believe that Software can be a Solution to anything by itself, but that Software is a “Tool” that when implemented and utilized in accordance to regulatory standards, company objectives and consistent application, helps provide one aspect of a Solution for our clients. The remaining parts of the Solution are related to the people applying the Tools and the culture of the organization purchasing such Tools.

As ISO 9001 has evolved, so has QISS…

  • Over the past 15 years, QISS has developed into a Best Practice- based, highly configurable, yet robust and reliable platform capable of delivering tools for compliance with standards from ISO (and its many disciplines) to OSHA, MSHA, FDA, API and many others.
  • QISS is a web-based Software Platform capable of managing Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental processes while providing critical risk management tools including Leading Indicators (EWIs) to help our customers be proactive in managing risk in all facets of their business.

Process Management Tools

QISS Process Management Platform

Document Management Document Management Records Auditing Audit Management Review Action Management/CAR Compliance Management Document Mgmt NCR/CAR Calibration /Maintenance Risk Assessment Supplier/Customer Mgmt Audit/Management Review Training Knowledge Management Laboratory Management Early Warning Indicators (EWI) Trend Analysis Action Triggers Risk Management Early Warning Indicators (EWIs) Non conformance/Findings RBI/Risk Based Initiatives Management of Change (MoC) Supplier Management Non conformance/Findings Action Management/CAR RBI/Risk Based Initiatives Incident Management Incident Reporting Near Miss Observations Root Cause/RCA Action Management

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